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Actionable Instant Messaging Framework

Built using an Actionable Instant Messaging framework and powered by a sophisticated BPM engine, Twixor offers a uniform and best-in-class PFTL (Push Feed Timeline) communication across contemporary enterprise engagement channels like mobile apps, PWA (Progressive Web App), web widgets, social media, chatbots and more, also further automating these conversations into internal as well as customer facing actions seamlessly.

Your Enterprise Applications

AI Engine

Natural Language Processing

BPM Engine

Drag and Drop Workflows

Chat Engine

Rich Media Conversations

AIM (Actionable Messaging)Engine

Click Buttons, Forms

Consumer's Internet Device



Progressive Web Apps (PWA) as part of the Twixor's comprehensive PFTL (Push Feed Timeline) offering is the most evolved and native app-like experience users can get. With Twixor one can easily overcome the low adoption rates associated with native mobile apps and still offering no less efficiencies and productivity using even better and customisable UX and low storage and data needs.



While Chatbots are all the rage in the modern enterprise businesses, Twixor enables your chatbot with enhanced capabilities using the best-in-class AI training, easy integration into other business systems and most importantly context specific agent-less automation. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and self learning data models, Twixor offers more than just an intelligent Chatbot, an Intelligent Platform.


Workflow Automation

Twixor goes beyond making your customer interactions purposeful. It enables acting upon such interaction much more easier and seamless, with integration capability across modern and legacy systems used in enterprises, thus improving your backend processes by reducing errors, costs and response times, at the same time increasing system productivity, accountability and scope for innovation.




Banks, NBFCs
FMCG, Hospital Chains





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About Twixor

Twixor is built on strong engineering foundations at its parent company, Appiyo Technologies. Appiyo is headquartered at Singapore, with office locations in Chennai and Bangalore, India. With 7 technology stack patents and a robust intellectual property in the bag, Appiyo is recognised and awarded as one of the most innovative technology companies. Some of the notable awards to boast include, IBM Smart Camp's Top Startups Award, CIO Review's Most Promising BPM Solution and more.

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Contact Details

Appiyo Technologies Pte Ltd, is registered in Singapore with an offshore development facility at Chennai. Appiyo has invested more than USD 1 Million over the last 5 years in building the twixor platform and its current investors include The Chennai Angels and Axilor Ventures.

(+91) 44 6888 8010

Appiyo Technologies Pte Ltd. 143, Cecil Street, 16-04, GB Building, Singapore – 069542.