Twixor's platform accelarates your digital transformation through:

Multistakeholder engagement

Twixor - An Actionable Engagement platform

For Enterprises backed by a powerful workflow automation engine.



Innovate the way businesses engage with customers


Your business has evolved, yet processes and customer facing transactions are still slow and painful.

Twixor simplifies both your front end customer facing experience and your backend workflow process by delivering a consolidated experience to your customers and employees.



Transform your business operations


Twixor goes beyond making your customer interactions purposeful. It enables acting upon such interaction much more easier and seamless, with integration capability across modern and legacy systems used in enterprises, thus improving your backend processes by reducing errors, costs and response times, at the same time increasing system productivity, accountability and scope for innovation.


Mobility with or without native app


A recent study confirms that an average app loses 77% of its users within 3 days of being installed. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) as part of the Twixor's comprehensive PFTL (Push Feed Timeline) offering is the most evolved and native app-like experience users can get. With Twixor one can easily overcome the low adoption rates associated with native mobile apps and still offering no less efficiencies and productivity.

Check out all that twixor can do

pwa features

Progressive web app

Innovate the way businesses engage with customers


Chat Bot along with Agent Assist - NLP & Machine Learning makes a customer comfortable along with a human side for a complete experience.

Web Timeline

AI powered with actionable click buttons for conversational messaging.

Crm & Automation

This can co-exist along with your current applications & can get information from your systems for your customers.

Twixor in action

All about twixor

"App"less mobility : Award winning presentation at Seamless Middle East 2018


"We needed a platform that could support online tracking for thousands of retail outlets dealing with FMCG to monitor visibility on shelf using a mobile application, that involved data collection, images, and textual data exchange between field associates and our central enterprise systems in real time. Appiyo made this possible and successful for us in achieving this complex task, efficiently and also by using their actionable messaging platform and workflow automation engine."

Jayasree Srinivasan

Chief Operating Officer,
Matrix Business Services India P ltd.