Capitalize on sales efficiency with increase in new account signups

Banking and Financial Services Institutions are foremost in the chain of enterprises that require event based messaging with their consumers.

Twixor is an Actionable Engagement Platform. It makes your bank's every communication to customers, dynamic, 2-way and with undiluted call to action. We deliver this conversational experience across channels like SMS & PWAs, Mobile Apps, Web timelines and Chatbots. In short, we enable banks to reach their customers through channels they are most engaged.

Twixor for BFSI

Leverage Rich Text

Messages can be in "Rich Text" format as well as can have images and video links attached.

Actionable Buttons

Messages can have optionally "programmable transaction buttons" embedded in them which can be used to elicit response to the messages. The buttons could be in the nature of "confirm", "pay", "like", "contact me" etc

Commands as messages

Twixor supports commands as messages, for example "&BAL" could fetch your account balance as a response message.

Secure messaging

Twixor also supports protected messages which can only be viewed with a password.

Here are some of functional benefits of using Twixor's Actionable Instant Messaging for BFSI

  • Twixor can be used as a support channel by financial institutions. Customers can send their "request" as messages which can be serviced by the financial institution.
  • Twixor also supports self service capability for customers with its "commands" functionality.
  • Twixor can also be used as a marketing channel as well as a lead generation channel. Launch messages, announcement messages or promotional messages can be sent with buttons attached to them. When a customer presses any of the buttons the message in question gets converted to a lead
  • Twixor can be used as a bill presentment and payment channel. Bills can be sent as a message with a pay button embedded in the message. Customers can pay the bill by pressing the "PAY" button and completing the formalities.