Actionable Instant Messaging (AIM)

Twixor's Actionable Messaging platform makes every communication to customers, dynamic, 2-way and with undiluted call to action.

An Actionable Instant Messaging (AIM) platform supplemented with Artificial Intelligence which does not even require an app to reach your customers.

We deliver customer conversational experience across channels like SMS & PWAs, Mobile Apps, Web timelines and Chatbots.

Twixor Encaps - Actionable Engagement Campaign Builder

Mobility, with or without native app

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in conjunction with Twixor's comprehensive PFTL (Push Feed Timeline) offering is the most evolved and native app-like experience users can get. PWA by Twixor mimics any workflows from your mobile or web App without pushing the customer to download a Native App.

Connectivity Independent
Cost Savings

PWA Campaign Management

Drive better customer experiences with Twixor's PWA campaigns by creating intelligent, multistep campaigns through easy-to-use GUI. We provide enterprises level customer messaging across channels like SMS,Chatbots,webtimelines, PWAs, enables you to expand your messaging which allows for insightful marketing.

Easy integration
Customer engagement
Insightful Marketing


Every business encounters massive amounts of customer data that are not captured or if captured not acted on. Twixor's intuitive reporting provides your business with insights that can help you drive customer engagement better. Innovatively manage each touch point in a customer's lifecycle journey. Our informative reports provide your team with customer insights that would allow you to devise your customer engagement strategies

Business Insights
Increase sales

The Power of Synergy


Progressive Web Apps (PWA) uses modern web capabalities to deliver an app like user experience.

They are reliable,fast and engaging.


Chatbots are the latest reincarnations of websites and app but with a more natural, intuitive and conversational interface and is more user-friendly.


An instant message window acts as an extended user interface of the enterprice application with buttons,dynamic forms and customized workflows - translating to an actionable instant messaging platform.

1 + 1 + N

The integration of interactive workflow with customer interaction management and traditional messaging and email brings forth the synergy of Actinable instant messaging - Your last mile responsive communication.