Twixor's Digital Transformation Platform is easy-to-use internet scale platform on cloud and mobile.

It combines BPM and social to enable the creation of executable processes which come with ready-made social, mobile and cloud enablement. There is little or no code.

While economic and business environments continue to bring extensive changes and new challenges, companies are on the lookout for ways to improve their profit margins, efficiency and also productivity.

Cloud computing, mobile computing and smart devices represent major forces impacting Business Process Management (BPM) markets.

It has become necessary to accept socialization and collaboration, not just as point solutions, but rather as functions which encompass a much wider range of functionalities that can be incorporated into many enterprise applications.

The power of synergy


Set up your executable processes.

Build processes for apps with BPM-inspired tools with drag-and-drop functionality. Store these process models for faster design next time. Twixor BPM consists of a social wrapper around a process flow definition canvas. It also has a Process Store.

Social wrapper enables community members to have conversations around their ideas. The process canvas allows community members to implement their ideas, either by assembling or building a new. The Process Store allows the community to showcase and trade their products/solutions. The entire integrated product has the same underlying runtime technology. It can be made available as a public deployment or as a private deployment. The mobile interface allows for notification based action.


Twixor is a low adoption barrier technology.

It is uniquely positioned to bring about not only the creation of solutions (apps) by leveraging the collective intellect of the crowd on cloud but also, their consumption within the same environment. Over time it is expected that Twixor like platforms will truly bring 'consumerization' of business class apps.

The opportunity to implement apps will automate processes more responsive to the needs of the organization.

Planning a campaign or a product launch program can be executed efficiently, by distributing tasks and setting up specific workflows using Twixor.


Granular analytics on process progress

If your agenda is to drive speed and efficiency in your field service, then you can Implement your use case with Twixor.

Overcome the painful routine of collecting and collating data generated by decentralized operations distributed across locations by setting up Twixor once. You can thus reduce costs with task management capabilities. You can also re-assign tasks, and view performance with real-time process management tools


Continually evolve business performance by monitoring

Continuous Process Improvement.

Twixor provides you with Dynamic Reporting with real-time visibility into business operations.

It allows you to proactively identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies and address them before they happen.